Policy for the use of cookies

Policy for the use of cookies

MusiXound.com uses cookies in order to improve your experience, to analyze traffic to the online store and to ensure the correct work of the online store. By visiting our online store, you accept the use of cookies.

HTTP Cookie , plural “cookies”, is a way, used by the online stores to store information locally in a visitor’s web browser.

By using the  HTTP cookies, the online store musixound.com may distinguish and remember the users. Moreover, the cookies are used to remember the individual preferences of the users, the settings for the actions completed, the condition of a certain functionality, service or feature in the e-shop. For example, a chosen by the visitor language and/or currency. For example, added music to the basket, selected music as favorites and more.

When musixound.com is loading, the online store creates and sends the user a cookie. The information in the cookie is saved by the web browser in it system space on the device of the user. With every following request to the our online store, the browser turns back the information from the cookie and assists so that the online store loads faster.

The online store musixound.com uses the following types of cookies according to their purpose:

  • Mandatory cookies

Those cookies are necessary for the correct work of the online store. Those cookies remain in the browser even after it is closed. Those cookies can also be used to distinguish and remember both registered and anonymous visitors to the online store. For example, added music to the basket, selected music as favorites and more. The purpose is to avoid for you to select settings that you have already confirmed or denied at your previous visitation or in the current session and thus ensuring the most comfortable online store visitation. Such cookies are the cookies for turning on the caching.

  • Temporary (session) cookies

When a visitor identifies himself in the online store, for example by username and password, then he can receive a session (temporary) cookie. It will serve as a temporary pass for the visitor and at each subsequent request will certify in front of the e-shop the identification already made. This way, the online store does not have to request, on each subsequent page, the user’s access data. Session cookies are used to store information that is needed only until the end of the session, until the web browser is closed or until the user “logs out” of his account.

  • Analytical cookies

By using that type of cookie we collect statistical information about the online store traffic, including the number of visits, downtime, popularity of individual pages and music in the e-shop, the sequence of browsing, repeat visits, whether the online store is visited via mobile or desktop device and the current on leaving the e-shop. These cookies do not give us any information about your personal data. Rather, through analytics cookies, we can determine how easily our users work with the online store and reach solutions to improve the user experience of the e-shop.

Cookies deactivation

If you do not wish to accept cookies you can deactivate those from the settings of your browser. Please, have in mind that cookies being deactivated may lead to disruption of the functionality of the online store and to the operation of the online ordering system of musixound.com.